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China. Known as much for its cultural and language barriers as it is for the world’s longest manmade barrier, the country exudes a mix of fear and mystery. This is particularly the case in business, in an economy where subtle social and governmental factors can make the difference between profits and disappointment.

We know how difficult it is to trade with this Asian giant, but with a cautious and targeted approach there is much to be gained. Fruit imports are rising steadily, as is the number of permitted produce items, and growers or exporters can harvest the rewards of this trend through focused campaigns that optimize all aspects of the supply chain while minimizing risk.

At China Fruit Solutions we provide that services, with the help of an experienced team and our China Check diagnostics system, designed to tailor a unique China Commercial Strategy to enhance the tactics and practices of your Chinese fruit business.

Complementarily, we offer a wide scope of support services, ranging from the development of marketing and advertising campaigns through our China Marketing Services, to the completely local administration of your operations and client portfolio with our China Commercial Management service. Additionally, we provide cultural and Chinese business briefing training for your commercial and operational teams, and have capacity in several other areas of the value chain of the business.

Formed as a specialized strategic alliance between Yentzen Consulting and The FoodLinks’ former general manager Gonzalo Mena, we can help you enhance your establishment in China, whether it be incipient, already underway, or looking for develop new challenges.

Let us give you a hand in this great opportunity, so we can be the best partner for your growth in this complex but highly promising market.

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